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4 Steps to Selling Internationally
Almost anyone can sell on eBay. To start selling worldwide, you need to complete only four simple steps:
Get an eBay account. It’s free to register on eBay.
Start listing your item. We’ll ask that you help keep eBay safe by placing your credit card details on file.
Confirm your identity.

Once you’ve created your listing and when you click submit, you’ll be asked to confirm your identity in one of two ways:
Using your bank account (Coming soon)
Using your credit card
Depending on the method you choose, you may have to wait to get some details before you can finish confirming your identity.

Reminder: Once you get the details you need, do return to eBay to complete the confirmation process.
Submit your listing and sell your item. The listing you created will be stored for 30 days so you’ll be able to complete the listing and start selling in just a few easy clicks.
Important: When selecting your payment options, many eBay sites require that you offer only safe (and approved) electronic forms of payments such as PayPal or a merchant credit card account.